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What Are Precautions To Take With Onsti Capsule ?

Keep the following points in mind:

A) CONSTI CAPSULE should be taken with an adequate amount of water or some other fluid.

B) One must not consume CONSTI CAPSULE if they have trouble swallowing or any throat problems.

C) You must seek immediate medical attention if, after consuming CONSTI CAPSULE , you experience chest pain, breathing issues, difficulty in gulping, congestion, or vomiting.

D) Prescribed drugs are advised to be taken separately from CONSTI CAPSULE to reduce the interaction possibilities.

E) Consuming CONSTI CAPSULE in the long term can reduce the absorption of vitamin B12, zinc, iron, magnesium and copper. It may also affect calcium absorption.

F) It may reduce dietary carbohydrate absorption.

It is recommended to take drugs at separate administration times (preferably, one hour before) from CONSTI CAPSULE as there may be possible interactions

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