Narmade Ayurvedam


Pregnancy: Pregnant women can consume these Capsule without worrying about any risk.

Breastfeeding: Gallex Capsule are generally safe for breastfeeding women. It is better to take the advice of a physician before consuming them.

Alcohol: Alcohol should not be consumed along with this medication or with kidney and urinary tract problems.

Driving: These tablets do not affect driving as they do not cause any kind of weariness or drowsiness.

Stomach: Gallex Capsule do not pose any risks for the stomach.

Safety Information-

Keep it out of the reach of children at all times.

Store it in a cool and dry place that is away from direct heat and sunlight.

Always read the label very carefully for probable side effects and directions of use before consuming these Capsule.

Ensure to always check whether the product is within its date of expiry.

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