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Kunchitakesha Capsule has following indications:

Hair Fall,  Premature graying of Hair, Broken Hair, Dandruff Scalp, folliculitis Scalp, Itching, Scalp pus filled acne, Tinea Capitis – Fungal Infection, Dry Scalp

A) Hair fall

According to ayurveda, Hair fall occurs to the excess VATA, which might become associated with either PITTA or KAPHA. Generally, VATA-PITTA condition is common. In such case, hair becomes weak and thin. Secondly, excess scalp dryness and undernourished hair follicles are also underlying causes of hair fall.Thiscapsaule has effect on all three Dosha. It reduces VATA & KAPHA and rectifying PITTA.

B) Dandruff

Dandruff has three types according to Dosha Analysis as per ayurveda.Vata Dominance: Flaking of the skin is commonly occurs due to dry skin. Flakes are generally smaller. Your skin type might be dry in such cases.

Pitta Dominance & AMA association: Flakes can be yellow and mildly greasy. Scalp can be red and scalp skin can be tender (pain can be felt pressing scalp skin). Yellow scales and bad smelling scalp or hairs indicate Pitta association with AMA.

Kaph Dominance: Oily and irritable scalp skin is most common cause of such type. In such case, flakes can be flaky white or white and greasy. Seborrheic dermatitis is common condition under this category. This capsule is effective in all conditions.

C)Scalp Folliculitis

Folliculitis usually occurs due inflammation of hair follicles, which usually occurs due to bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus. Other microbes, fungi, virus may also cause scalp folliculitis. This capsule has active substances which exhibit antimicrobial properties.

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