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Nasya – Therapy

Nasya – Therapy

Nasya refers to the nasal administration of therapeutic oil. Nasya is a part of the Panchakarma treatment where the central nervous system is cleansed by administering beneficial oils through the nostrils. The oil is customized by the practitioner based on the condition to be treated. The therapy cleanses, purifies, and strengthens the nasal passages to heal underlying conditions.

TYPES OF NASYA THERAPY As per function, there are 3 different types of Nasya -Brihmana Nasya, Virechana Nasya, and ShamanaNasya. As per quality, Nasya can be divided into 2 categories i.e. Pratimarsha Nasya and Marsha Nasya.

Navana: When Nasya is meant for Shodhana or Snehana, it is termed as Navana. This is the most common type of Navana and is used for hair fall, headaches and bells palsy tinnitus. This is a procedure where dry powders get blown into the nostrils through a narrow pipe. It can also be inhaled. Diseases such as epilepsy, sudden unconsciousness, and any other diseases related to the brain are treated through this method. Some other herbs that are used along with this method of treatment include Vacha, Fidanza, marina, etc.

Avapeedana: In this form of Nasys, juice extracts are injected into the nostrils. 4-to 6 drops of juice for each nostril are required. This treatment is ideal for patients suffering from poisoning, epilepsy, delirium, rhinitis, etc.

Dhoom: This form of Nasya has 3 subtypes- virechana, prayogik, and snehaik. In Dhoom, a patient is made to inhale medicated fume from both the mouth and nostrils 3-4 times. The exhalation should only happen from the mouth.

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