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Eye Wellness

Eye Wellness is important for energy

Exercising reduces the risk of eye problems, not just for people with diabetes, but even for people who don’t have the disease. The more active you are, the lower your chances of developing heart disease, high cholesterol and other conditions that contribute to the development of diabetic retinopathy. Distance runners have a higher incidence of retinopathy than do those who run shorter distances. This could be because the extra force of their impact may cause micro-tears in their retina. This can lead to leakage from blood vessels and bleeding under the retina. So if you’re a runner, make sure you wear good running shoes and check your vision after long runs or races. Exercising also helps control blood sugar levels so that your ophthalmologist will be able to see better results when examining your eyes during a dilated retinal exam. Although most people with diabetes experience some loss of vision as the disease progresses, good eye health is important to maintain as much sight as possible; it’s also important in maintaining a positive attitude toward life. If you have diabetes, take care of yourself and your eyes by eating right and exercising regularly.

Wear protective eyewear 

There are plenty of reasons to wear eye protection outdoors. While you may think your eyes are protected in the shade, many hazards exist even in the shade. It’s easy to overlook risks that exist outside, but you can take precautions to protect your eyes from flying objects or chemicals that could permanently damage them. Plus, wearing eye protection is part of a general safety plan that can help keep you from getting injured during a sport or science experiment. Here are some tips for protecting your eyes outdoors: Wear sunglasses and goggles when playing sports. Whether you’re on a baseball field or playing a game of soccer, you’re likely to get hit with a ball at some point. If you don’t wear eye protection, that could lead to a black eye or worse yet, an injury to your cornea (the clear surface of your eye). Sunglasses offer some protection against flying objects because they absorb the impact, but they aren’t completely effective. Goggles offer more protection than sunglasses and can be worn over glasses if necessary.

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