Narmade Ayurvedam



विरेचन Virechana (Cleansing the Small Intestine) Virechana is the administration of purgative substances for the cleansing of pitta through the lower pathways. Give virechana 3 days after vamana. If vamana is not indicated for a particular individual, then give virechana. In either case, it is necessary to first do 3 days of internal oleation, and …

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रसायन Rasayana- Rasāyana is defined as a therapeutic measure which promotes the longevity, prevents aging, provides positive health and mental faculties, increases memory, and impart resistance and immunity against diseases. This treatment is best suited to the patients of middle age group and its timely use may prevent the decadence process. However there are examples …

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Leech Therapy

Leech Therapy Leech Therapy/Jalaukavacharana/Hirudo Therapy:- Leech therapy/Jalaukavacharana is defined as the therapeutic application of living medicinal leech to the skin in order to evacuate blood from a localized area of the body. What is leech? Leeches are: Annelids or segmented worms. Closely related to the earthworms are Anatomically and behaviorally more specialized. The medicinal leech …

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पोट्टली स्वेद

पोट्टली स्वेद Pottali Sweda There are various types of Pottalisweda or Pindasweda are mentioned & practiced in Ayurveda. PatraPottaliSweda, Churna PindaSweda, ShashtiShaliPindasweda (Jnavarkizhi), Kadikizhi, AndaSweda (MuttaKizhi) etc. are done according to condition of Vata prakopa or considering other dohsa conditions. PindaSweda is used mainly to provide relief from pain, inflammation, swelling and stiffness (catch) associated with …

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उद्द्वर्तन In Sanskrit, the word Udvartana means “to move something in an upward direction”. This refers to the upward direction of the strokes used during the massage. The brisk massage techniques combined with the penetrating herbs create heat in the body to help liquefy toxins, reduce fluid retention, and increase circulation. There are two types …

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Raktamokshan Raktamokshana, or bloodletting, it is an important part of the clinical therapeutic use of Panchakarma in the management of several important disease conditions. Raktamokshana is an effective blood purification therapy, in which carefully controlled removal of small quantities of impure blood is conducted to neutralize accumulated toxins. when excess toxicity of rakta and pitta …

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Nasya – Therapy

Nasya – Therapy Nasya refers to the nasal administration of therapeutic oil. Nasya is a part of the Panchakarma treatment where the central nervous system is cleansed by administering beneficial oils through the nostrils. The oil is customized by the practitioner based on the condition to be treated. The therapy cleanses, purifies, and strengthens the …

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